Storytelling is an important factor that differentiates humans from animals. It is scientifically proven that monkeys and other animals can communicate also. For instance, a monkey can warn another monkey that there is a lion close by. However, a monkey cannot tell another monkey a story like this: “Yesterday, as she was hanging out on her favorite tree, her neighbor told her he saw a lion sunbathing at the edge of the forest. The lion had a beautiful sun kissed mane and large eyes and although he looked relaxed, he presents a serious threat”.

Although we have the ability to speak, not all people can tell a good story. The ones that have this talent, have a bigger chance of being liked by people in their surrounding, which in turn makes them happier, more confident and successful and gives them a better chance at making new friends, finally becoming the subject of their friends stories.
But hold on, does this apply only to people? Can’t companies be storytellers too? Can’t a company tell a good story and become more likable?

Yes. Absolutely.

This is where we come in. We help companies tell their best stories. By doing so, their consumers may understand them better and familiarize themselves with not just their products and services, but the wider vision of the brand, in hope the brand becomes the subject of their customers stories.

Every company aims to make a profit by selling a product or service. Each customer will choose a company’s product by using objective and subjective factors. Objective factors may be the quality of the product, the price, the guarantee, the terms of payment etc. Subjective factors on the other hand are more difficult to measure. Subjective factors are influenced by the consumers beliefs. A consumer may believe that they will be happier if they bought that specific product, or that her mother would be proud of her if she bought it, or that she will be more popular with friends.
Good storytelling positively influences consumers beliefs!

Would you prefer that the company you represent is a good storyteller? That, not only will your company tell a good story, but your customers will tell good stories about your company?

Call us, we would love to help you.